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Consumer Conversations 4: Moms of Teens Talk About Covid-19

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We turn our attention to moms of teens as our series of consumer conversations continues. Raising teenagers is typically never easy, and for many of the moms we talked to, that has been exacerbated by Covid-19 and the resulting quarantines, online schooling, and social distancing.

Parents of teens are facing different challenges than parents of younger children, but they have some similar concerns and stress points. Bottom line, these moms are worried about how all this will play out for their kids, now and in the future. In many cases, they are also helping their own parents as well as figuring how to manage jobs and career security at the same time. There isn’t really a lot of time left for them to recharge at the end of the day, and their confidence in their ability to manage things has taken a hit.

Our topline insights (below) give a glimpse of how they feel and what might help them as they navigate their particular challenges.

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